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Welcome to YOGA FOR EVERY BODY.tokyo




Yoga is easy for everybody to enjoy.

Any age, gender, body type, flexibility.


Yoga helps you to breath comfortably and move your body freely.

Our aim is for everybody to enjoy yoga just as you would watching

a movie, listening to music or hanging with friends.

Big respect for Semperviva Yoga Studio


Produced by BRIGHTON Studio DAIKANYAMA&Semperviva Yoga Japan


Classes & System


Drop in: 2,000yen
4 class pass: 6,000yen

what to bring

No need to bring your yoga mat, we provide for FREE.
Please bring your comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.
A filtered water dispenser is available but please bring your own water bottle.

※Should you not have appropriate clothing, that`s ok. We can lend to you for (300yen)

About Classes 

-All our classes are open to all levels and experiences. Yoga is for you, if the class moves too quickly or the moves are too hard just go at your own pace.

-All our classes are taught in Japanese, but the instructors are bilingual and will repeat all instructions in English.

Class Schedule

Thursday at 7pm Hatha yoga(Basic)

This class is open to all levels, focusing on warm-up, breathing practice and basic yoga poses. Hatha yoga is the classical form of yoga postures and breathing that revitalizes the body physically and mentally.

This class is great for people that have not done yoga before, have tight muscles with limited flexibility or do not practice regularly.

Saturday at 10am Hatha yoga(Flow)

Breathe, move and sweat!! Practice the simple and basic postures with regulated breathing.

This class is recommended for those who want to sweat, refresh, build muscle strength and flexibility.

Sunday at 10am Morning Yoga -Basic of Yoga-

Get out of your bed and come do yoga as a kick off to your Sunday!

Let go of all your stresses and reset your body and mind. This class is open to all levels but especially advantageous to people who have never done yoga before.

Tuesday 7pm & Saturday 11:30am

Kundalini Yoga

This yoga is unique as it raises your Kundalini energy and cultivates your Chakra system.

This results in awakening your potential and you can start creating your own life.

We chant, squat, twist, let go, breathe hard to cleanse and connect with yourself.

This class incorporates traditional yoga moves mixed with cardio to create a lively environment. This class is for everybody and is based on the traditional style of Kudalini yoga.

Studio Access


Studio Access

 Instructors &  DJ

Maiko Kurata

-head teacer-


Kaoru Tokyo





DJ Satoshi Miya

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1-2 3F Uguisutani-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo 〒150-0032



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